Accessible Life – More Inclusive Life: Conference on Accessibility for People with Visual Impairment (EDI)

The Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union is inviting you to the online final conference Accessible Life – More Inclusive Life within the Erasmus+ project From Education to Inclusion (EDI) organized together with the partners Teiresiás, Support Centre for Students with Special Needs, Masaryk University (Czech Republic), and Funka (Sweden) on Tuesday 22 February 2022, 9:00 – 11:10 AM.

The focus of the conference will be on accessibility for people with visual impairment in the areas of the built environment, transport, information, and communication in the context of public administration.

Main topics of the conference

  • We will show examples of good practice in Slovakia and other European countries.
  • We will discuss accessibility in your environment.
  • We will offer tips and tricks for people with visual impairment how to explain what you need to enjoy all your rights concerning accessibility.
  • We will show representatives of public administration what the advantages of being accessible are.
  • We will present the results of our 2.5-year cooperation in the field of education of local administration staff and leaders with visual impairment in the area of accessibility for VI people and self-advocacy.

Languages of the conference: English, Slovak, Czech (Slovak/English and vice versa interpretation will be provided)

Draft programme of the conference will be found on the EDI project webpage shortly.

Should you be interested in this online event, please register as soon as possible.

Conference Registration

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Feel free to share this invitation with whoever is concerned.

Radek Pavlíček

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