WebExpo 2022: Baking Accessibility Testing into Your Workflow

Are you going to WebExpo 2022 and do you want to learn more about accessibility testing? Then the workshop called Baking Accessibility Testing into Your Workflow, which you can attend on Friday, June 10, betweet 4 to 6 PM in the Marble Hall, is a must-have for you 🙂

What is the workshop about?

Making sure your accessibility infrastructure remains functional with every redesign can be tedious. Although accessibility testing cannot be fully automated, it can still save you plenty of development time that can be spent on actual productivity.

You will learn how to get the most out of the parts that can be tested automatically, which free tools to use, and how to use them in the most efficient way. Last but not least, you will find out how not to fall into the trap of trying to use automated testing for the wrong tasks.

During the workshop, we will discuss the following:

  • Users and assistive technology they use to browse your website.
  • Progress over Perfection approach and its benefits to accessibility.
  • The basic approaches to accessibility testing (hiring an external company to do an accessibility audit, user testing, manual in-house testing and automated testing), and the pros and cons of each.
  • The how to’s, and how not to’s of automated accessibility testing, including proven tools that can do the heavy lifting for you.
  • The possible pitfalls of user testing and manual in-house testing, and what tools and knowledge the internal and external testers need in order for it to actually yield valuable results.
  • How to easily test that there are no significant barriers in five key areas of accessibility – content structure, keyboard navigation, text alternatives, interaction, contrast and readibility – on your website.
  • And finally, how to put it all together and which approach is best suited for which development scenario.

And maybe much more – you will also have an opportunity to make a quick accessibility assessment on-site based on what you’ve learnt (don’t forget to bring your laptop). And there will also be room to answer your questions regarding accessibility and inclusive design.

Note: Our workshop is an In-Person Workshop with maximum capacity of 15 people (the registration is on the first come, first served basis).


Lukáš Hosnedl

Lukáš has been working in the field of accessibility since 2017, but he started following news and developments in the field in the early 2000s. Born blind, he is able to combine the practical perspective of an everyday user with professional expertise in the underlying principles and techniques.

Lukáš is also a translator from English to Czech (and vice versa), mainly translating articles about accessibility.

Radek Pavlíček

Radek is a renowned accessibility and assistive technology expert with more than 20 years of experience helping others to make their products and services accessible.

Radek is a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals and a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility.

WebExpo 2022 Promo Code

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And don’t forget that the WebExpo 2022 Program offers an excellent line-up of speakers from all over the world.

Looking forward to meeting you next week(end) at WebExpo 2022 🙂 And big thank you to Šárka Štrossová, director of WebExpo, for putting accessibility on the conference agenda again 🙂

Lukáš & Radek

Radek Pavlíček

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