European Accessibility Summit Side Event 2022: EU is leading the way for accessibility

Together with EDF, IAAP EU is organising a joint side event to the European Accessibility Summit, hosted by Microsoft on the 2nd of June.

What can you look forward to?

  • Keynote by Rob Sinclair
  • Results of the monitoring of the Web Accessibility Directive – what’s the status?
  • End user involvement – how does the feedback mechanism work in real life?
  • Cognitive accessibility – the key to broader outreach?
  • European Accessibility Act – “to maximise the foreseeable use”, but how?
  • The role of International Association of Accessibility Professionals
  • The future of accessibility – innovation or back to basics?

More info and the complete agenda is available at European Accessibility Summit Side Event page.

The event is FREE for IAAP and EDF members and non-members.

Join us for a full day hybrid event to follow subject matter presentations, policy discussions, and expert panels.

European Accessibility Summit Side Event Registration Form

European Accessibility Summit Side Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities allow you to increase your brand awareness, attract new clients and enhance your business relationships with current customers. As an European Accessibility Summit Side Event sponsor, you will earn the recognition of your peers for your commitment to and leadership in the accessibility community.

There are three Sponsorship Offerings

  • Event Sponsor – € 8,000 (max 1)
  • Event Refreshment & Lunch Sponsors – € 5,000 (max 2)
  • Supporting Organisation Sponsor – € 750 (unlimited)

Interested in sponsoring European Accessibility Summit Side Event? For more details, see Sponsorship package information European Accessibility Summit Side Event (pdf; 440 kB) or contact Regine Gessner (

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